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New British Wine / Abbie Moulton

British Wine’ was once shorthand for bad imported grape mush. Not any more. The rise of sustainable methods, youthful experimentation and, dare we say it, a new climate, mean that Britain is no longer the home of a few fine sparklings but a whole roster of dynamic reds, pinks and even oranges. This book celebrates the people who are growing, producing and championing the best of New British Wine. 

Abbie Moulton is a drinks writer, broadcaster and presenter, specialising in wine and whisky – the people who make them and the places that pour them. Her work has been featured in the Evening Standard, The Times and Suitcasemagazine, among other publications, and she regularly chats on the radio and on podcasts.

Maria Bell is a freelance photographer based between the Isle of Wight and London. Her career documenting food and farming has seen her work alongside the industry’s top chefs and restaurants and featured in national newspapers and books. In 2021, she was shortlisted for the Food Photographer of the Year award.


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